We already have many volunteers who help run the café and shop, however there are still opportunities for anyone who would like to help us fulfil our mission to show the Christian Faith in action by reaching out to the community.

Whether you can give a couple of hours a week or a month we would love you to join us in this worthwhile mission. You can see from the volunteer stories how much volunteering has meant in their lives.

We have a wide variety of opportunities in the café in the kitchen, waitressing or operating the till. We could also do with help in the shop processing the many deliveries. Apart from helping in the café or the shop there are plenty of jobs that take place in the background away from The King’s Table. One important role is to pray for those who have written prayer cards. There are many administrative and financial tasks that need to be done to ensure we meet our legal requirements and don’t spend more than we earn.

There are also many other activities which happen when the café is closed and would benefit from more volunteers. The following list gives you an idea of the sort of roles that are available. If you are interested then just come and see us at 44 Warwick Road, contact us online or call us on 01926 854721 during opening hours.


  • Washing up
  • Preparing food
  • Waitressing
  • Operating the till


  • Human Resources
  • Accountant
  • Book keeper
  • Legal
  • Safeguarding


  • Prayers – prayer cards in particular and The King’s Table in general
  • Help at Alpha & Reasons to Believe
  • Help on Sunday afternoons
  • Healing On The Streets

This is a selection of what our volunteers have said about their experiences of being part of The King’s Table.

“I started the flowers for the opening and have had the joy of doing them since each week. Just a little cog in the wheel but I hope will bring a sense of caring to our visiting customers who have complimented me and have been appreciative of my work. I also think that the café is amazing; it’s wonderful to be a part.”


“I enjoyed working on Wednesday’s at St Francis and have continued to enjoy working at the King’s Table in our new premises. People always very friendly, both customers and volunteers. Always such a nice atmosphere whether in the kitchen or café.”


“It is a most enjoyable environment in which to work and I would recommend being a volunteer.”


“I have enjoyed working at The King’s Table – there is a very friendly atmosphere amongst the customers and helpers. I have learnt new kitchen skills and collected lovely recipes.”


“Being able to be part of the team of volunteers is a real privilege. The genuine desire to serve our customers is always evident and usually much appreciated. May God bless all future developments.”


“I have worked at The King’s Table since it opened and have always felt that it was a special place – but I didn’t realise how special until I returned after being away for four weeks. When I came back I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly that it was an amazing experience for me. What a joy it is to be here!”


“What a rewarding experience it is to be part of the volunteer team at The King’s Table. I enjoy every minute of my time here and hope our customers enjoy the special atmosphere here. Although I’m not a member of one of the churches in Kenilworth but live in Balsall Common, I have been welcomed with warmth and friendliness. Thank you, especially to Trica, Karen and Holly in the kitchen for making it all happen.”


“It is a great privilege to serve at The King’s Table. The sessions that are quieter allow one to engage with the customers and sit down when they want to chat, are particularly fulfilling. Time and again new customers are especially touched by the atmosphere, cleanliness and quality of food here. More frequent customers greet you as an old friend which is lovely.”


“The King’s Table is lovely to volunteer in. Thank you for having me. I am always received so beautifully and the kitchen serves such admirable team work.”


“The King’s Table remains a service of inspiration as I see the churches working together, committed, cheerful and caring.”


“As a volunteer at The King’s Table, I feel privileged to serve in the café and to be able to meet people in a very relaxed and natural way. I have never done anything like this before but my heart’s desire is to show the love of Jesus to everyone who comes into The King’s Table and what better way of serving. I sincerely believe that it does further the Christian faith and it is not for us to know sometimes just what an impact is made on people’s lives. We trust Him to touch and bless people’s lives and perhaps give them a hunger to know Him more deeply. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me”. As spirit-filled born again believers we have Jesus in us as we serve.”


“I believe The King’s Table is very special and a place where people can meet Jesus in an unpressured way, either for the first time or be encouraged by Him in times of challenge.”