Legal & Trustees

The King’s Table (Kenilworth) is a Registered Charity (No. 1099824) and a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England (No. 04592543)


Overall responsibility for the running of the café rests with the full board of ‘The King’s Table (Kenilworth)’. They are:

  • Mrs Kath Shortley – Chairperson
  • Mr Tim Brewer
  • Mrs Jane Bryan
  • Mrs Jenny Corn
  • Mrs Jennifer Higgins
  • Mr David Littleford
  • Rev Gail Phillip
  • Ms Jayne Shaw

They are backed up by the following officers:

  • Mr Nigel Hawke – Company Secretary and Finance Manager
  • Mr John Wild – Treasurer
  • Mrs Karen Mills – Founder and Vision Keeper
  • Mrs Anne Perry – Spiritual Director

The day-to-day running of the Café is the responsibility of the General Manager, Mr Martin Lewis.


The overall responsibility for running the shop is a board which consists of four directors supported by a company secretary. All board members are appointed by the Charity as the sole member of the company. The Charity attempts to keep half the appointments allocated to Trustees and half from outside the board of the Charity to provide for independence of decision making by the trading subsidiary.

The CIC Directors are:

  • Mr Peter Gagg – Independent Director
  • Mr David Hewitt – Independent Director
  • Mrs Jenny Corn – Trustee Director
  • Mrs Kath Shortley – Trustee Director

The Company Secretary is:

  • Mr Nigel Hawke